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Conchoecia hyalophyllum
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Conchoecia hyalophyllum Claus, 1890
Records: 109
This is a species mainly of temperate waters that appears to be advected into polar seas particularly in summer months. In the Southern Ocean it has seldom been reported from south of the Subtropical Front. Its early juvenile stages occur at shallow mesopelagic depths and do not undergo diel vertical migrations. The adults live at somewhat deeper daytime depths and undertake diel vertical migrations to the base of the seasonal thermocline, occasionally moving up into the wind-mixed layer.

N. Atlantic n Mean mm s.d. Range mm
Females 91 1.66 0.076 1.50-1.86
Males 126 1.58 0.045 1.44-1.66
A-1 555 1.17 0.047 1.04-1.28
A-2 1260 0.79 0.028 0.70-0.86
A-3 650 0.57 0.019 0.52-0.62
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