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Ocean Biogeographical Information System (OBIS)
1) This site is a component of Census of Marine Life. It gives access to many global datasets on marine organisms and in Septmeber, 2004 contained > 5 million records for 31, 500 species
Intregrated Taxonomic System (ITS)
1) An inventory of Biodiversity data for the terretorial waters of the USA and Canada. It includes listings of planktonic species
International Resarch Group on Ostracoda
A general portal to research on Ostracoda. The emphasis is primarily geological, rather than biological or oceanographic, but this reflects the importance of microfossils of Ostracoda in geological studies and stratigraphy.
Arctic benthic Ostracoda
A site of metadata for records of benthic Ostracoda throughout the Arctic.
Kempf Database of Ostracoda
Previously known as the Cologne Database of Ostracoda, it generates works of cross-reference and bibliiographies of fossil and living Ostracoda of the World. It spans the full time scale of ostracod research form 1758 to the present day.
15th International Symposium on Ostracoda
The 15th in the series of symposia deveoted to research on ostracods is to be held at the Freie Universitat Berlin on 12-15 September 2005 on the thems of "Ostracodology linking bio- and geosciences".