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14 March 2008
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This production of this atlas was made possible by exchange research fellowships awarded to the two authors by the Royal Society London and the Polish Academy of Sciences. OBIS (Ocean Biogeographic Information Service) provided the funding to finalize the website.
This web page is sponsored among others by EU biodiversity projects MARBENA, MARBEF, consortium of Polish Marine Research Institutes MAREI and Center of Excellence for Shelf Sea Studies at IOPAS, Sopot
We are particularly indebted to Professor Jacek Urbanski who plotted the maps. Professor Jan-Marcin Weslawski Institute of Oceanology, Sopot, Professor Peter Birkhill, Southampton Oceanography Centre and Dr Geoff Boxshall, Natural History Museum, London gave us considerable encouragement and support.
We have been provided valuable information and material by: -
Dr Vladimir Chavtur, Vladivostok
Dr Inna Drapun, Sevastapol
Dr Moira Galbraith, Vancouver
Dr Jørgen Olesen, Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen
Professor Tom Ikeda, Hokkaido University
Drs Chad Walker and Lou Kornicker, Smithsonian Institution
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A variety of source data were used in constructing the maps: -
  1. The position of the Antarctic Polar Front is from: Moore, J.K., Abbott, M.R. & Richman, J.G. 1999, Location and dynamics of the Antarctic Polar Front from satellite sea surface temperature data. Journal of Geophysical Research, 104, C2, 3059-3073.
  2. The positions of ice, subantarctic and subtropical fronts and CWB are from M. Tomczak & J. S. Godfrey, Regional Oceanography: an Introduction, 2002.
  3. SST data are means for years 1988 - 1998 derived from AVHRR data.
  4. Chlorophyll-a data are means for 1998-2004 derived from the maps published by the SeaWiFS project.