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Boroecia antipoda
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Boroecia antipoda (Müller, G.W., 1906)
Records: 280

This one of the most abundant and consistently caught species in the Southern Ocean. It is predominantly a deep mesopelagic to bathypelagic species. Poulsen (1973) also recorded this species in Dana samples from tropical latitudes in the Indonesian Seas and in the Gulf of Panama. However, we have re-examined this material and found that it is not con-specific with typical B. antipoda, and will be described as a new species. Hence this species appears to be endemic to the Southern Ocean, but spreads northwards towards the Equator in the deep flows of Antarctic water, and is likely to be a good indicator of such water.

  n Mean mm s.d. Range mm
Females 439 3.19 0.065 3.00-3.36
Males 270 2.94 0.054 2.80-3.08
A-1 134 2.18 0.067 2.00-2.36
A-2 131 1.44 0.030 1.38-1.50
A-3 29 0.97 0.030 0.90-1.02