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Proceroecia brachyaskos
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Proceroecia brachyaskos (Müller, G.W., 1906)
Records: 171

This species has been regularly reported from the Southern Ocean, although seldom in abundance. It has also been regularly reported as a deep mesopelagic and/or bathypelagic species at low latitudes in all three major oceans. However, there are clear size differences between some of these populations as shown by the size data given below. In the North Atlantic occasional large specimens, consistent in size with the Southern Ocean population, are found at depths of >1500m. It seems likely that the present species concept includes at least two cryptic species. The larger forms found in the North Atlantic may prove to be indicators of the deep water spreading northwards from the Southern Ocean.

Typical form
Southern Ocean n Mean mm s.d. Range mm
Female 17 1.60 0.027 1.54-1.64
Male 18 1.48 0.027 1.42-1.54
A-1 19 1.33 0.054 1.22-1.40
A-2 14 0.98 0.044 0.90-1.04
A-3 2     0.78-0.80
Small form
Tropical Atlantic n Mean mm s.d. Range mm
Female 203 1.36 0.063 1.20-1.50
Male 12 1.30 0.022 1.26-1.34
A-1 185 1.12 0.063 1.00-1.28
A-2 88 0.92 0.048 0.82-1.04
A-3 37 0.75 0.028 0.70-0.80