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Archiconchoecemma simula
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Archiconchoecemma simula (Deevey, 1982)
Records: 9.
A poorly known species, which was originally described from the Southern Ocean by Deevey (1982) and then subsequently reported by her as occurring at deep bathypelagic depths the subtropical North Atlantic. This suggests that some deep living ostracod species have very broad latitudinal ranges and may be cosmopolitan. Interesting questions then arise as whether there is genetic continuity between these populations and whether such species can be considered to be indicators of the spread of deep water either originating in the Southern Ocean or of North Atlantic Deep Water throughout the global ocean.
Tropical Atlantic n Mean mm s.d. Range mm
Female 33 1.143 0.020 1.10-1.17
Male 2 1.125   1.12-1.13
A-1 18 0.933 0.017 0.90-0.96
A-2 31 0.739 0.026 0.69-0.77
A-3 24 0.625 0.010 0.61-0.65
A-4 6 0.531 0.014 0.50-0.56